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2022 - Why Should We Expect Property Values to Continue to Rise?

The CBC team recently released its outlook on 2022 commercial real estate trends. See Coldwell Banker Commercial's website for their outlook and report (Link below).

The outlook provides insight that is backed by research and analytics, and explores a wide variety of real estate trends including, confidence in the property market, the increase in transaction volume, job growth and demand for commercial real estate space in secondary markets. The report notes that investors are capitalizing on rising rents and demand for space, points out what cap rates are in primary and secondary markets, highlights the build-to-rent trend for multifamily, observations of retail and industrial markets, the future of office demand, self-storage, and demand for medical space. After conducting extensive research, the CBC team confidently predicts that 2022 will be another strong year fueled by stable cash flows and pent-up demand.

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